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If you’ve ever wondered how some people are crushing in on Kindle, making thousands per month, with simple little eBooks that require practically zero technical skills or costs to publish… then I hate to say this, but those Kindle publishers have a totally unfair shortcut that you don’t.

See, they know that winning with Kindle is all about knowing EXACTLY what will sell, before you ever waste time creating your book.

And they know how to get authority reviews… and traffic… from day one.


What if you knew what they knew?

Better yet… what if you had a tool that handled all this for you?

That’s exactly why I’m in LOVE with KD Suite…

Finally, a tool that gives you a TOTALLY unfair Kindle advantage…

So I guess you have a choice.

You can either get the edge, or keep getting owned by the elite few that have access to this tool.

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Kindle Mind reader?

Did you know that for every 100 traditional books sold on Amazon, 114 Kindle books are sold?

There’s no denying that Kindle is a GOLDMINE for marketers. But there’s a reason why most people can’t make a dime on Kindle, despite millions of hungry customers and practically no technical barriers.

It’s because most people create the wrong Kindle books, with the wrong titles, covers and content. Then to make things worse, they totally screw up their launch; failing to get reviews and watching the traffic and sales go to their competitors instead.

There’s a reason why some Kindle authors crush it when others can’t get off the ground. The success stories on Kindle know something YOU don’t when it comes to creating books that fly off the digital shelves…

… and they know, before they even thing about creating a book…

… that it will SELL like cold water in a raging bushfire.

Wouldn’t YOU like to know how it’s done?

What if you could have XRAY vision…

… and see exactly where the money is on Kindle…

… so you never had to waste time, money and energy going in the wrong direction?

Now you can, with this:

The game has changed. This is truly levelling the playing field for Kindle marketers who can’t seem to hit the mother load. It’s not just a way to KNOW what will crush it on Kindle… it’s a complete Kindle domination tool, as you’ll quickly see for yourself.

I haven’t seen anything like this before.

It’s almost unfair on those who don’t know about it.

Take advantage, before it’s too late…

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KD Suite – What is Kindle?

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Kindle is a portable e-reader with a screen pearly gray or called electronic paper (ePaper) and technology-based electronic ink (E-Ink) in the display text and graphics on the screen, a production company Amazon U.S. starting in 2007.

The main purpose of this machine readability in any place, taking into account the comfort eye without suffering or stress optical During playback, as there is no where any background lighting that can disturb the eye Bohjha or brightness, as the device is designed to consume minimal energy so that the last period Shipping for long periods ranging from two weeks to a month.

You can read your books and documents on this machine, or buy books for the company shop or download free books from their site or other of the many sites that allow you to download e-books for download free or paid.

E-reader has become the most used means to read without the trouble or stress of the eye .. Amazon has announced that the third generation of e-reader “Kindle” has become the best-selling device in the company’s history.

And many of the people who own Kindle devices have also Tablet PCs with LCD screens, as consumers use tablet devices in the games, watch movies and surf the Internet while using the Kindle devices for reading. Preferably Consumers «Kindle» because it’s lighter, it also features a long life battery monthly, as well as the The equipment is designed in a manner similar to a large extent with the paper and inking mail which does not cause any stress to the eye, as it does not interfere with sleep patterns different, in addition to It works in direct sunlight, as the price of the Kindle, which starts its price of $ 139 only makes it better – among his peers – undisputed.

KD Suite Will Launches Soon

KD Suite has been announced that it is going to be launched to the general public on June 13th. It has been created by famous social media marketers called Bobby Walker and Dave Guindon. KD Suite 3 brand new software tools for researching the Amazon Kindle eBook market, helping you uncover profitable hidden niches .. that are nearly impossible to find manually!

It is still early days and we don’t know a lot about the launch yet, but one thing is for sure that a lot of people will be talking about it.

I will find out more details in the days running up to the launch so stay tuned and make sure you bookmark this site for KD Suite.



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